Furniture and home accessories

Our collection of home accessories will help to emphasize the interior of the house and add cozy details. There are always small details at home that require storage space. With our functional accessories, everything will be in its place. In our collection you will find vases, designer planters, stylish paintings, candlesticks, exquisite sculptures, bowls and dishes. In other words, everything to decorate the decor of your home.

Decorate your sofa with blankets and pillows from our assortment. All our products are presented in different colors and materials, so you will definitely find what you will like.

Carpets are warmth and comfort in the house. Round or rectangular, thin or traditional, monotonous or patterned – experiment with an existing interior or create a new design with our elegant accessories.

Furniture — a set of furnishings for a comfortable human life

Furniture that is located outside the premises also plays an important role in a person’s life. It is usually installed in public places or on the territory near a private house. This category includes a variety of options for garden, park and outdoor furniture. This is a collective name for movable and built-in items of room furniture that are located in residential or public premises. Furniture not only provides the comfort of people’s daily lives, but is also an important part of interior decoration. It is also often used to create a comfortable environment for life in production, in the service sector and in various modes of transport.
The furniture has an ancient and rich history. It appeared more than 30,000 years ago, when our ancestors switched to a sedentary lifestyle and began to decorate their homes with the first household items. For many millennia, in parallel with the development of art and science, people have been coming up with new types of furniture. In different parts of the World, unique styles were created that combined the cultural characteristics of a particular civilization.


Any interior is a reflection of its owner, his psychotype. Some people like large rooms, removing everything small from them. Remember the hero of Gogol’s “Dead Souls” landowner Sobakevich. All the superfluous beauties were removed from his house, and what remained were paintings on the walls depicting ancient heroes similar to Sobakevich himself. There are individuals who want to hide, “curl up” from the world, and this is the other extreme. There are people who are accumulators by nature, there are those who strive to free up space by constantly throwing away excess, there are fans of cleanliness and their opposites.

Therefore, accessories for the House are selected depending not only on the style of the room, but also purely personal. Accessories are items that do not have a direct functional purpose, or combine a decorative function with a practical one: vases, screens, mirrors.

Of course, the abundance of accessories complicates the cleaning, which some women are obsessed with. Due to the fact that we do not have lawns and asphalt, but instead trampled wastelands, we have a lot of dust and soot in our houses, and it is quite obvious that a working person cannot constantly clean it, and cleaning services are far from affordable for everyone. These are exclusively household factors, which, nevertheless, determine the number of home accessories. But, despite this, accessories must certainly be present in the house.